Cooper's Hawk - Pinckney Island 10/23/11

This beauty was taken by Ronald Stoor at Pinckney Island 10/23/11


Beautiful pictures from Frank Balogh 9/7/11

Nectar-feeding female Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/27/11).

                   Northern Parula (8/29/11)

   Red-eyed Vireo (9/1/11)  

GREEN HERON - 7/3/11

Ron Stoor says, "A Green Heron invaded our lagoon this week."    Here are several good pictures he took of the heron!



House Finch 6/9/11

Here's a beautiful picture of a House Finch from Ronald Stoor:

Bluebird Nest Construction 6/8/11

"Our bluebirds are making another nest.  It`s the third time this year."  Ron Stoor



Prothonotary Warbler 5/16

A great picture of a Prothonotary Warbler taken by Frank Balogh on 5/16 at the club outing to Beidler Forest:

Flying Squirrel

Have you ever opened a bluebird box and had a flying squirrel jump out at you?  Ron Stoor was able to get pictures!  Ron "took these pictures
of a flying squirrel nesting in one of the Bluebird houses near the first Stratford Village entrance by the lagoon. Sunday 4/17/11."



New Bluebird Season - 2011

From Ron Stoor:  "Our backyard Bluebirds are getting ready for the Spring crop."


"I saw this beautiful Redhead at Lake Somerset on December 24, 2010.  He was there for several weeks."  Frank Balogh

Common Yellowthroat

This "beautiful little Common Yellowthroat was singing beautifully at the Hidden Cypress Nature Trail today."  Frank Balogh, 5/23/10

Bosnan Forest 4/19/10

From Frank Balogh:  "On April 19 a few bird club members went to Brosnan Forest looking for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.  There are about 250 in the area.  John, the Ph.D. biologist played their song and looked into several cavities.  We did not see any woodpeckers, but a scared flying squirrel glided out.  There were several inside the hole."

Blue Grosbeak

From Ron Stoor:  "This the first time a have seen this bird on our bird feeder."  (4/21/10)


Red Tailed Hawk - 4/7/10

Here are some excellent pictures taken by Mike Cotterill of Haynes Werner of Beaufort with the Red Tailed Hawk at the meeting on 4/7/2010:




Yellow-crowned Night Heron

"I took this picture at Sea Pines Nature walk Friday 4/9/10."  Ron Stoor



Here are some pictures from Mary Helen Rosenstein of "of a killdeer nest and the killdeer with her egg."  (4/7/2010)
(Look closely - the egg is medium gray with black marks!!)




Owlet at SNWR

From Rich Matheny:  "I took this picture this morning (3/26/10) at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge of the owlet that is located the entrance of the refuge. Some of us have been watching this owlet since shortly after hatching and it is growing fast." 

Field Trip to Bear Island 2/18/10

Please see the "Outings" page to see the great pictures Tom Rea took at Bear Island!

Song Sparrow

From Frank Balogh, "I saw this Song Sparrow at Lake Somerset today (3/15/2010)."

Swamp Sparrow

From Frank Balogh:  "On 2-28-10 I saw this Swamp Sparrow at Lake Somerset."

American Robins 2/25/2010

From Frank Balogh:  "These beautiful American Robins were feasting on red berries at Lake Somerset today."

Blue-headed Vireo

From Frank Balogh:  "On 2/17/10 I saw this friendly Blue-headed Vireo in SNWR."

Young Pelican

Frank Balogh took this picture of a young Pelican at Lake Somerset (1/24/10).

Yellow-throated Warbler

From Frank Balogh, 1/24/10:  This "Yellow-throated Warbler came to my feeder today."

Richard Matheny, SNWR, 1/11/10

Thanks to Richard for these pictures he took at the club's outing to Savannah NWR on 1/11/10.  (See the Outings page for a glimpse of the watchers!)
Rich says, "Some one forgot to tell this Least Bittern that he should fly south this time of the year. "

"It is the 1st time that I have seen the owls perched together."

"The Snowy egret saw my camera and just had to show her best side. "


Black-chinned Hummingbird, 1/4/10

Thanks to Diane Rand for these wonderful hummingbird pictures.   
Diane writes, "I thought members might enjoy seeing photos taken by Doreen Cubie as she banded the immature Black-chinned hummingbird in my yard on Jan 4.
She also included a photo of a rare Buff-bellied hummingbird that she banded near Brunswick, Ga on the same day.
Please post these to the website so others can enjoy and be encouraged to leave their feeders out.


Here's the Buff-bellied Hummingbird: