Pictures and sightings

Please send me your pictures (.jpg or .gif) or bird sightings via e-mail and we'll list them here.  Include what, when, where and any other interesting facts.
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Blue Grosbeak

From Edith Stanley, 4/16:  While looking out my bedroom window this morning I was surprised to see a beautiful dark blue bird at my backyard feeder. Frank and I at first thought it was a bunting of some kind, until we saw his rufous-colored wing bars.  We discovered that our visitor was a blue grosbeak. I hope he returns soon so I can get a better shot with a clear view of his wings. 

Red-shouldered Hawk

"This bird was at sitting on top of the pole of our feeder today."  Joanne Miller, 1/27/07


Great pictures from Sue and Tom Rea, 1/19/07

Here are a couple of pictures Tom Rea took at the Lagoon by the tennis courts a couple of days ago.



These are all Sun City birds from varios locations I have taken at different times.  Sue Rea







More Great Pictures from Sue Rea

Sue writes:  "Last summer, in June, Joe & Eleanor Lyons graciously allowed me to take pictures of a Screech Owl chick/fledgling that was in their backyard. Here is one of the pictures."


Tom & Sue Rea captured these photos at Pinckney Island on January 20, 2007: We know what the waxwings are, but what is the little warbler?


Northern Oriole

Here's a great visitor to Joanne Miller's feeder!



We seem to be overrun with Cardinals this Winter!  Their color also seems more vibrant than usual.  They have been hanging around our live oak street trees, talking for hours to each other.  The attached photo was taken today in front of my home at 108 Hampton Circle.
Don Sanginario, 1/10/07

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Here's my up-close photo of the subject Woodpecker who thinks he's a hummingbird:
Don Sanginario

American Coots from Sue Rea 1/7/07


Winter Visitors

From Diane Rand:  "I've got two hummingbirds in my backyard.  The black-chinned has been here since November 11 and the rufous since December 13.
Black-chinned Hummingbird


Brown-headed Nuthatch

"A lovely visitor to our feeders."  - from Mike Cotterill, 12/11/06






"Caught this loggerhead shrike on the cypress out back by the lagoon."
                    Paul Padula, 12/11/06

Black-crowned Night Heron

 From Sue Rea:  " My husband and I took a day trip to Charleston. We visited the Magnolia Plantation Gardens. Extraordinary!   I took this picture of a Black-crowned Night Heron and thought I would share this with you. . The picture was taken in the Audubon Swamp Garden on the plantation grounds."    3/28/06


Great pictures from Don Sanginario


Don titles the picture of this bluebird:  "Eat and Run"


Great pictures from Mike Cotterill from a recent vacation in Mexico (3/17/06)

Roseate Spoonbill





Snowy Egret

Wonderful Picture of Mandarin Ducks

From President Martha Spancer:  "Olvis and I took these pictures of some beautiful Mandarin Ducks at the Duke Gardens in Durham, NC."