Fish Haul Creek

Rich Matheny sends us these pictures he took at Fish Haul Creek (12/2/09)










Red-winged Blackbirds 11/26/09

From Frank Balogh:  "The Red-winged Blackbirds are doing just fine near the Hidden Cypress Nature Trail."


Geese (10/25/09)

Frank Balogh took these pictures in a shopping mall in Beaufort.

Canada Geese:

          Egyptian Geese:

White-throated Sparrow (10/29/09)

From Frank Balogh, "I saw this handsome White-throated Sparrow at Lake Somerset yesterday."

Salt Marsh Photograph Cruise 8/30/09

"Here are a few pictures we took on a Salt Marsh Photograph Cruise last Saturday around Hilton Head Island.  Larry Watts takes up to 4 people on a Cruise around the salt marshes leaving from the Boat House dock on Hilton Head Island.   Good birding."  Ron Stoor








"Here are a few of my latest backyard bird pictures."  Ron Stoor 8/18/09


                                   FEEDING BABY!




Rich Matheny shares these pictures taken at the golf course where he works (7/29/09):


             GREAT BLUE HERON



Outings 6/29/09

Go to the Outings page to see beautiful butterfly pictures taken by Frank Balogh at the new butterfly enclosure at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn.

Also, see the pictures he took at Fish Haul Creek Park.  They must have had a great time that day!


Rich Matheny writes: "It's nice to have friendly informative folks in the bird club. Dick Hansen told us about the Painted Buntings at the entrance of Pickney Island. I followed this one from there to the parking area and spent the morning trying to get him close enough for some halfway good photos and after three hours these are some of the results.They are such beautiful birds that they are well worth the effort. Thanks to Dick for the tip."     Rich Matheny, 6/15/09




 Here's a young Wood Duck that Rich Matheny and Paul Padula spotted in the canal near the nature trial on the Sun City Blvd. end.  Paul said "this means we have a breeding pair in SC which is not all that common."  Pictures by Rich, 6/13/09.


Great Crested Flycatcher

From Frank Balogh, 6/10/09:
"The attached Great Crested Flycatchers (male and female) nested in the lower part of my mailbox." 


Here's a picture of the chicks!


Ron Stoor's blue bird box is doing great!!

"Here are  pictures of the second family of Blue birds this season."  Ron Stoor  (5/17/09)




They are growing up!  (5/31/09)




Photographed by Karl Deal in Sun City this week (4/27/09)


"This little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was looking at its brood in the nest on April 4, 2009 near the nature trail at Hidden Cypress."  Frank Balogh


"On this picture the bird can be seen better."


NOW THERE ARE FIVE!!!!   (4/1/09)


"We have a family of 3 baby blue birds in our Blue Bird house. I quickly took this picture trying not to disturb the nest."  Ronald Stoor, 3/29/09

Update on Ron Stoor's BB House

"We have a Blue bird family starting in our new bird house."  Ron Stoor - 3/7/09

Blue Bird House

"Jim delivered our new blue bird house on Monday 2/16/09 and they moved in on Wednesday morning 2/18/09.Ron Stoor

Pictures from Bear Island Outing on 3/4/09

Please see the OUTINGS page for pictures from Noah Rosenstein.

Turkey Vulture

"Took this picture of a turkey vulture enjoying lunch near a lagoon in front of Stratford Villages first entrance."  Ronald Stoor, 3/6/09



This wonderful picture was taken by Frank Balogh on 2/22/2009 at the vertical feeder that he made:


Northern Shovelers

From Frank Balogh, taken at SNWR on 2/17/09:


Taken by Frank Balogh on February 17, 2009 in the SNWR.


Taken on Sun City Blvd. near the Nature Trail bridge - from Ronald Stoor, 2/10/09:

Northern Shovelers out for an afternoon of dining

By Richard Matheny, 1/27/09, at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge:

More great pictures from Ronald Stoor - taken on Hilton Head Island - Jan. 2009

Driesen Beach:

Off the Dock at Mitchelville Beach Park off Beach City Road:




From Ronald Stoor, taken in his backyard:

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Also from Ronald Stoor, taken in his neighbor's yard:

Brown-Headed Nuthatch

Taken by Ronald Stoor at his bird feeder, 12/4/08:



Great picture taken by Ronald Stoor, 1/8/09:

Female Anhinga

"Beautiful female anhinga drying its wings."  Taken at Lake Somerset, 10/21/08, by Frank Balogh. 


Cape May Warbler

Here is a great find by Frank Balogh.  Frank says, "On October 3, 2008 the attached Cape May Warbler came to visit the bottle brush plant
in my Sun City back-yard.  Unfortunately, I saw it only once."  The identify is confirmed by Diane Rand and Chris Marsh by the brown ear patch
and the streaking on the side.





Walmart Grackle by Frank Balogh, 12/28/08:

Pied-Billed Grebe

Lake Somerset, 12/18/08, by Frank Balogh:

Turkey Vultures

From Frank Balogh -  of his neighbor's roof on Larkspur lane, 12/25/08:


Juvenile Moorhen

Lake Somerset, 12/4/08, by Frank Balogh:


After president John Edman reported the presence of a mute swan on Lake Somerset, Sue and Tom Rea immediately investigated and sent us these great pictures for all to enjoy!  (June 2008)





Sue Rea reports:  "While we were taking pictures of the Mute Swan this wood stork flew in and Tom caught a pretty good shot of him, too:"


Martha Spencer shares these great pictures of a common nighthawk sent to her by John and Linda Bardoni:

From Martha:    "For ID purposes, note that one way the nighthawk can be distinquished from a chuck will's widow is by the white patch on the wing, barely seen here.


Note from Martha:  "We got a call from John & Linda Bardoni saying that the mom and her two chicks were nesting in the mulch in front of their house."

Bird Life on Okatie Creek Golf Course

Helen Chatterton took these pictures on May 15, 2008:

ANHINGA on hole #19:


ROOKERY on hole #2:


HAWK at Rose Hill

Bob Weitzel from Rose Hill sent us the following great story and pictures:

"A HAWK landed in the front yard of Heide and Bob Weitzel on Thursday Feb 7 about 4:30 pm in Rose Hill.   It didn't seem bothered by Bob's presence, so he approached it with caution, wearing heavy gloves and a jacket.  Bob said that he always wanted to hold a hawk, so he cozied up to it and put his hand by its feet - it climbed onto his arm!  Bob held the hawk for about 30 minutes.  Not once did the bird try to bite him while he gently stroked its head and chest. 

The Weitzels, not being  sure what to do with the hawk, called Security, and Security in turn called Coastal Vet.   Ashley from Coastal Vet arrived at the house, and after examining the hawk said it was a young male, and that it was a bit disoriented.  Ashley took the hawk back to the Coastal Vet office.

Bob and his daughter went to check on the hawk the next day, and the vet reported that the hawk was doing fine and eating well.    The vet is planning to bring it back to Rose Hill on Monday, and will release it to go free.

The Weitzels feel that they enjoyed a very surreal experience, to say the least!"




Immature Herring Gull

Charles Carpenter sent us this great picture asking for identification.  Here's the response from Diane Rand:

"This is an immature herring gull.  The large size is the first clue.  Herring gulls are much larger than any other gull that we have here.  The second clue is the black mark on the bill.  When this bird becomes an adult the black will turn red.   Compare this black mark to the "ring" on the ring-billed gull and you will see a definite difference.  Also the ring-billed gull is about 7-8 inches smaller.  Laughing gull, our other common gull has an all black bill in winter."


Northern (Baltimore) Oriole

This little guy has been visiting our feeder for two days. He is so beautiful. We've yet to see his mate (maybe he's a bachelor).  He loves the seed block I have on the pole.  I just wanted to share him with others.
 Regards, Edith Stanley




Great Christmas Bird Count Pictures from Sue Rea 12/16/07

Barred Owl:
Tom took this picture between the 17th and 18th greens on the the Hidden Cypress golf course. The owl was on our left sides just as you get onto the wooden bridge. He was at most 20 feet into the wooded area.

Female Anhinga:
She was really yelling at us!
These birds just sat and posed for us:





Little Blue Heron:

Great pictures of an immature little blue heron taken by Charles Carpenter on the 4th hole at Okatie Creek, 11/18/07:



Great Pictures from Sue Rea - 6/10/07






OSPREY - Sue said, "I could not catch the babies peeking over...maybe next time!"

Canadian Geese

Dick Hansen reports "that he saw 4 Canadian Geese flying low near the Woodworking Shop around 8:20 AM. He said that this is the first time he has seen this species in Sun City in the seven years that he has lived here."  From Mike Cotterill, 5/4/07

from Paul Padula, 5/20/07

Eastern Kingbird in Savannah WR, sitting on a Rattlebox tree.

From Charles Carpenter, 5/22/07

This picture of a Golden-crowned Kinglet was taken in February 2007 in the backyard of Padgett Drive toward Del Webb Blvd.

Black-Crowned Night Heron.  This "picture was taken May 21, 2007 from Hidden Cypress #1 tee looking across the lagoon.  The picture is cropped because the bird was about 100 yards away."

from Helen Chatterton

"I took this photo on our Skimmer Cruise on Friday (5/18).  This Great Blue Heron is always waiting on the dock when Howard Costa returns from his cruises.  It just sits there while the passengers disembark.  I didn't even have to crop it, he was so close."

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Helen Chatterton had this unusual visitor at her back-yard feeder (4/21):


Osprey Nest on HHI

From Helen Chatterton, 4/21, re the article in the Island Packet about the Osprey nest that Palmetto Electric constructed in Indigo Run.  "They have a webcam set up and you can see the nest live on the internet.  Really great, 5 second live updates plus stills.  They expect the eggs to hatch this week."  Site is ww
Osprey Nest on HHI
From Helen Chatterton, 4/21, re the article in the Island Packet about the Osprey nest that Palmetto Electric constructed in Indigo Run.  "They have a webcam set up and you can see the nest live on the internet.  Really great, 5 second live updates plus stills.  They expect the eggs to hatch this week."  Site is

Pictures from Paul & Mary Ellen Padula from April 9th trip to Harris Neck NWR

Easter Kingbird

Rookery - Note the osprey leaving the water with his fish!