Enjoy the progress of Ronald Stoor's Blue Bird house

"Jim delivered our new blue bird house on Monday 2/16/09 and they moved in on Wednesday morning 2/18/09."

                             2/18/2009                                                              3/7/2009                                                                                         4/1/09 - Five babies

Ron Stoor's house has a second occupany! (5/09)





"Here are the last bluebird pictures for the season. We had 3 nesting's."  Ron Stoor (8/16/09)







Blue Bird Trail (Ennis):


# Trails        # Boxes      #Monitored1      # Nests     # Eggs     #Fledged     Ave Birds/Box2

     21               134                 111                 50            206            190                   1.7


         1  23 boxes were not monitored by people assigned to them        2  Monitored boxes only



Purple Martin Trail (Kyle):


     House                 # Nests           # Fledged        Ave. # Birds/Nest

Argent Way                   5                   ~20                      ~ 4

Brick Yard                     7                     24                      3.4

Club View                     1                       4                     4.0

Col. Heyward (new)        0                      --                       ---

Cypress Run (new)        0                      --                       ---

   (donated house)

Garden Walk                 2                       8                          4

Landing Lane                2                       8                        4

Lake Somerset           10                      40                         4

Nature Trail                    4                     12                         3

   Total (9 houses)     31                    ~116                   ~3.75

       If you would like to support the bird trails by being a volunteer next year, please contact Jim

            Kyle (helenjimkyle@hargray.com) or Jim Ennis (jimmmee@aol.com) directly.  You can also

            support the blue bird trail by ordering a house for your backyard. The sale of blue bird houses

            pays for the materials for new and replacement houses on our trails.  Call or email Jim Ennis

            to get on the list for a house or sign up at our upcoming monthly meetings.



Report from the Spencers, 5/1/07

The Bird Club has a trail of 7 boxes in our Great Crested
Flycatcher trail. These beautiful bug-eating birds are busy
right now building nests.  Like other flycatchers
and woodpeckers, this is a cavity nester, and will build in a
box just larger than a bluebird box. Look for a bluebird size
bird with a grayish back, darker large head, long tail and a
beautiful butter yellow breast. The female works hard to
build the nest, while the male follows her, loudly telling her
what to do. His job is to top the finished nest with a shed
snake skin. Then they start the real work of laying eggs and
 raising young.