The Sun City Hilton Head Bird Club encourages
our neighbors to use
native plants whenever possible

Native Plants – Three Simple Steps


The Sun City Bird Club is proud to be working with Clemson University Extension and the Lowcountry Gardening SIG to promote native plants. Native plants are good for birds, butterflies, bees, and us! It is very important that at least 70% of your plants be native.  Recent research has shown that suburban yards with less than 70% native plants do not provide enough food for baby birds to survive.


Step 1 Not sure what native plants will work in your yard?  Here are four landscape plans featuring locally available native plants, one for each orientation of the sun.  These plants were chosen because they are seldom eaten by deer.
We recommend that you come back to this advanced plan after steps 1,2 and 3, if you want a plan with more plant recommendations such as ground covers
Step 2 See and learn about the native trees and shrubs in your landscape plan -- and also flowers recommended for Sun City yards. Special thanks to Annette Girard.
Step 3 Looking for someone to help you and where to buy the plants? Here's where you can buy plants for your yard.

Do you want hummingbirds and butterflies in your yard? 


Invasive plants are the Godzillas of the plant world. They overtake the landscape, destroying native plant populations, affecting food sources of pollinating insects and other wildlife, and causing lasting environmental harm.                 

Here is a link to learn what plants NOT to plant in your yard