A few nice photos submitted by Sophie Schade - January 2018
Click on the images to see great detail

A few beautiful close-up photos submitted by Gracene Peloso - January 2018

Two Rose Breasted Grosbeaks at John Burracks feeder
John Burrack caught the Great Horned Owl that was flying around the room at the May meeting. Absolutely silent flight.
Freddi Hoffmann captured this nesting  Little Blue Heron recently on a hike to Ibis Pond at Pinckney Island NWR
From Grant Boss: These guys visited lagoon behind 1 Murray Hill Dr.on 3/31/2016
Same bird, different view
A Green Heron, by Freddi Hoffmann taken at Pinckney Island NWR recently
Each year we put out material in the empty suet cage for the Tufted Titmouse to use in it’s nest building.  Previously we used alpaca wool.  This year we used what appears to be a synthetic fiber fill material like that used for pillows.  We were able to get several pictures of this bird separating strands to take back to it’s nest.

Eilene and John Burrack

This morning, April 2nd, while out shopping I came across a Cattle Egret hunting Anoles in the Parking Lot in front of Famous Footwear. This bird in pretty much full breeding plumage grabbed a brown anole from a bush and proceeded to eat it, stopping or diverting traffic as everyone watched. By Patty Marshall

A Turkey caught fanning his tail, photo taken by Sandra Hanson
A couple of White Pelicans caught on Bear Island by Laury and Dave Maass
Believe it or not, This is a Great Blue Heron spotted in Myakka River State Park, near Sarasota Florida by Noah & Mary Helen Rosenstein
A Willet. Photo by Freddi Hoffmann taken at Fish Haul Creek in Jan 2016
Black Skimmers at Fish Haul Creek
Photo by Freddi Hoffmann in January 2016
A Godwit at Fish Haul Creek photo by Freddi Hoffmann in January 2016
Bill McKinnery captured this Painted Bunting on Jan 6th more or less
A flock of Cedar Waxwings and one Bluebird. Photo taken by Freddi Hoffmann at Fish Haul Creek  on January 10th
A Mockingbird photo submitted by Freddi Hoffmann, taken during the CBC

A Black Vulture high atop the power lines paralleling the 3rd and 4th hole at Hidden Cypress, cleared for takeoff, Runway 02.

Photo by Freddi Hoffmann

John Burrack and Laury Maass both report Baltimore Orioles. Photo by John Burrack
John Burrack captured this Yellow Bellied Sapsucker during the CBC.
 Here is an image, courtesy of John Burrack ,of a couple of Red-Shouldered Hawks.  The image was captured Oct. 10 in the top of our neighbor’s giant Live Oak.  We regularly see one at a time.  This was a real treat.

A  Kingfisher by John Burrack Photo taken on
December 10th more or less

  A Male Great Blue Heron staking out his nesting site. Photo by John Burrack

Dec. 6, 2015
These beautiful Sandhill Cranes were doing Sunday Brunch when we arrived.  They chose to eat OUTSIDE in this gorgeous area. Seemed utterly tame. Some folks I talked to said they have lots of these beautiful birds in their neighborhoods, and often see a whole family walking down their sidewalk, chicks and all. Photo by Kathleen Leopard
An Eastern Phoebe, photo by Noah Rosenstein at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge in early December
An Osprey perched above Kay Long's lagoon
in a pine tree with a brilliant blue sky background