Recycling and Safe Disposal of Household Products

We encourage our members and neighbors to recycle and follow safe disposal guidelines for household waste especially medicines. This will help us protect the Lowcountry especially our  waterways. We hope the information on this page is helpful.


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Step 1. Learn more about recycling






         Contact the Woodworkers Shop 843-705-2968 about buying a $35 wooden, wheeled dolly for your bin. They do not deliver these. 

    • What and when can I take things to the SCHH Mulching Center?
      Open 7 AM - 7 PM - yard debris (not bagged) and paper
    • What can I take to the Bluffton Transfer Stations?
    •           270 Gibbet Road Off Rt. 170 Open 7 AM - 7 PM. Closed Wednesday! Accepted Items: Aluminum & Steel Cans-Batteries

          (Lead Acid & Rechargable)-Cardboard/Pasteboard-Cooking Oil-Glass-Newspaper, Magazines, Telephone Books,
           Mixed Paper-Oil/Gasoline Mixtures-Plastic Bottles/Jars-Used Motor Oil-Used Oil Filters

    •           104 Simmonsville Rd Right off Bluffton Pkwy. Pen 7 AM - 7 PM. Closed Wednesday. Accepted Items: Aluminum & Steel Cans-Applicances (White Goods) Scrap Metal-Batteries (Lead Acid & Rechargable)-Cardboard/Pastboard-Cooking Oil-Glass-Newspaper, Magzines,Telephone Books, Mixed Paper-Oil/Gasoline Mixtures-Plastic Bottles/Jars-Tires-Used Motor Oil-Used Oil Filters
    • Where and when can I recycle my electronics? 

            Electronics Recycling May 19, 2018 9 AM – 3 PM, Beaufort County Public Works, 9 Benton Field Rd. Bluffton
            personal computers, laptops, CRT monitors, LCD monitors, CRT TVs, printers, hard drives, and misc. (microwaves, phones, radios, faxes)

    • What about dog poop? We have so many great dogs at Sun City. Let's all become become a super pooper scoopers and choose the best bags for the environment.  Click here to learn everything you've even wanted to know, and maybe more, on this subject.  And please share this knowledge at the dog park.  
    • Where and when can I safely dispose of my hazardous waste?

           Household Hazardous Material Round Up held by Beaufort County is not yet scheduled for 2018

         Click here to learn about the Waste Management recycle by mail program for these.
         But remember Bluffton Transfer stations take batteries.

Step 2. Help your neighbors recycle

    • Maybe they can't get the bin to the curb.
    • Maybe they don't know what they can recycle and/or why it makes a difference for all of us today and for the future of our community.

Step 3....