A bird is trapped indoors

From time to time, Sun City residents call me or other bird club members about various bird situations. This morning I received a call about a bird trapped in Pinckey Hall. The following article has some helpful tips for getting birds out of a structure. Fortunately the cardinal trapped this morning was successfully removed from its very stressful situation.


Mary Helen

What to do with Baby Birds that fall out of the nest:

Many birds are nesting at this time of year and from time to time people ask what to do if a baby bird falls out of its nest.

This article provides information on that situation and how to handle.

I hope you find it helpful.


Mary Helen


Call the Center for Birds of Prey at 843.971.7474.
We will help you with the following steps, depending on the particular situation:

Carefully catch the bird.
Use a pair of heavy gloves—even a weak bird will attempt to defend itself. Approach the bird very slowly and from the front. Cover the bird with a towel, blanket, or jacket, and pick it up, taking care to fold the wings against the body and secure the legs and talons.

Place the bird in a sturdy cardboard box.
The box should be just slightly larger than the bird, with ventilation holes and a blanket or towel on the bottom. Keep the box in a warm, dark, quiet place away from children and pets. Cover the box with a towel or blanket. Do not disturb the bird once placed inside the box. 

Do not offer food or water to the bird.
The bird may not be strong enough to digest solid food, even if it appears hungry, and feeding could harm or even kill the bird.

Injured raptors require specialized treatment and care from a licensed, experienced practitioner. It is illegal to possess any migratory bird without state and federal permits.

With your assistance, an injured bird of prey with can be provided appropriate medical attention and a good chance for recovery and return to his natural environment.